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What is SHARE and what are Share Shops?
SHARE is a group of people and businesses in Chester and North Wales, that came together after seeing the tiny body of 3 year old Alyun Kurdi, lying on a beach in the Med. Without knowing each other, we each set up collection points to try to send a pack of aid. Little did we know that we would all be inundated! Flintshire County Council helped us all come together and gave us the use of a derelict 4000sq ft warehouse in Flint, North Wales. So we could combine our efforts and co-odinate collections, sorting, storage, distribution of aid and volunteers to assist in the handing out of the aid in the affected countries. It wasn't long before we decided to go one step further and offer our aid to the homless people on the streets of Cheshire and North Wales too! Thus our name was born;

Supporting Homeless, Assisting Refugees Everywhere - SHARE

ShareShop - It's our belief that no-one in the UK should be sleeping rough on the streets. ShareShops are a unique idea that works by setting up Charity Shops one after another, each funding the next shops set up costs, once established each shop will raise enough money to buy derelict houses and by using local trades people turn the houses in to homes for the homeless people in that town or city. Once re-housed the Share Shop will assist in getting these re-homed people back in to full time employment and give them hope and a chance at a much better life than before.

On the 16th of January 2016 our first ShareShop was opened and in the first 6 months has already raised in the region of £30,000.

Share Achievement Wall

Another aim of Share is to "Assist Refugees Everywhere".
Refugees are usually people who are fleeing their homeland out of fear for their and their families safety. The current refugee crises in Syria, Europe and the surrounding countries was they key reason Share formed.
We, like many in the UK felt helpless, but by coming together we've been able to start to make an impact - you can join Share and help these families in their darkest hours.